Commission a Portrait.

Procedures & Fees

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

We begin with a consultation in person, by phone or email and consider the nature of the portrait, the attire, location, number of sitters, and the size of painting.

Consider the Types of Portraits 

Tribute:  Professional Retirement
Honoring a Company Founder
Achievement and Recognition – promotion, anniversary, graduation, milestones

Heirloom: Children, parents, grandparents, wedding, newborns

Lifestyle: Your passion. Could be horse racing, skiing, fly-fishing, hiking, gardening, writing, dancing, marathon running…

Posthumous: Portraits of your pets or loved ones who have passed away. Quality photos are required to produce a quote.


Head and shoulders      16″ x 20″ approx     Contact for Pricing

1/2 Length                    20″ x 30″ approx     Contact for Pricing

3/4 Length                    20″ x 36″ approx     Contact for Pricing

Full Length                    30″ x 40″ approx     Contact for Pricing

Any size is available
Add 75% for each additional figure, 50% for pet.
Travel, lodging, framing and shipping is in addition to above.
Completion is dependent on the size, complexity, and my schedule.
I am delighted to answer any questions you may have.

Please Contact me if you have any questions or would like to commission a portrait.